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Most of the people usually seek for the best deals from numerous websites whenever they have plans in pipeline to visit their dream destination or to simply go for a vacation to that place. Unfortunately most of the websites do not offer the best of those at one place, which leaves users hopping around, looking for the best deals here and there. We started our operations after partnering with several seasoned channels in order to fill in this gap and offer something really wonderful to all without making them browse across our website for a really long time.

The team of Tourexo aims to make the experience of flight booking effortless to all our customers. We will select the most suitable flights for you, which are having affordable airline tickets. Our service will not only save your travel expenses but will let you relax and pack for the trip calmly without any trouble related to the tickets.

Have you ever wondered why the internet is overcrowded with Well, with things moving at uber-fast speed in today's times, life can be stressful, and at times like these, one of the things that gives us a sense of calm and solace is the thought of traveling, so we can unwind from the daily humdrum and come back rejuvenated to face life with a fresh deals? 

Visiting new places exposes us to the beauty and diversity of landscapes and people and helps us find meaning in these experiences. And what better way to kick-start the plan than finding very cheap air tickets, since travel and accommodation usually take up the largest chunk of the travel budget!

This is where Tourexo comes into the picture, offering air tickets at attractive rates and  ensuring that the entire process of flight booking is seamless, thus minimising any hassle with respect to transportation plans. So, there's nothing stopping you from packing your bags and heading  to your dream destination now!

Best Flight Deals at Tourexo

People often  have to flock from one website to  another to find the best travel deals and it can be  quite a struggle to find everything in one place. But not with Tourexo!

With the aim of filling any gap in travel planning and making the experience seamless, we started our operations after partnering with seasoned channel partners. With an experienced team that is driven to offer unparalleled service to our customers, you can be assured of the best flight deals and a hassle-free experience that'll keep you coming back for more!

Flight Booking Made Easy

Whether you are traveling for leisure, business or backpacking, browse international flight tickets on Tourexo for  the best offers. Moreover, you don’t have to move out of the comfort of your home to book flight tickets with us;

Our cutting-edge technology, together with a user-friendly interface, promise a smooth user experience, irrespective of whether you use a desktop or our mobile app. Our app is available on both Apple and Android devices, and our 24*7 customer support ensures you get the immediate assistance whenever required.

So why wait? Let loose the globetrotter in you and jet set across the world with Tourexo, without burning a hole in your pocket!

Who We Are

It has been 4 years since decided to let the world become a part of ourselves. In our journey of becoming modest. We ourselves traveled thousands of miles to gain expertise in flights, hotels, sightseeing, ticket booking, flight reservations and destinations. Instead of listening to stories, we explored every corner of the globe personally to understand what it takes to offer an authentic, personalized and hassle-free experience in the travel world. We keep growing with our sacred bond with you And, today we are here and known for what you have always loved us for - the Flightiers experience.

Hassle-free Bookings

With our flight booking and hotels reservation portal bookings are super easy. Find the most reasonable flight tickets and hotel reservation, all at one place. Our cheap flight tickets and hotel reservation combo fares will boggle your mind. Explore our round trip bookings with pocket-friendly fares.

Custom-made Itineraries

We make you an customized itinerary, just the way you want. Our tailor-made itineraries are curated to accommodate all your requirements, and to give you a wholesome experience in your budget.

Unbelievable Prices & Deals

We know how much you love discounts and deals! And with Flightiers, discounts and deals are a must-have. Our jaw dropping prices and deals will make you want to turn into a globetrotter right away. If you are looking for a best budget trip, Flightiers is your go-to place.